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All kinds makeups for eyebrow , eye, eyelash would like to be provided...

  • The eyebrows form the upper frame of the face and enhance the impact of makeup as a whole. Light brows make the face softer, dark brows are more striking.

    Take the guesswork out of filling in your brow line naturally or creating dramatic definition, with this easy-to-use brow pencil. the professional formula glides on, blend easily, and stays put until you take it off.
  • Eyeliner are essential to gice expression to the eyes. They can lend an open gaze or a mysterious, veiled appearance. In light colors they make the eye look larger, in dark colors they add intensity of expression.

    Longain offers a wide range of eyeliner . Their formula are easy to apply, excellently to blend and also available in longlasting and waterproof. The color range is impressive-black alone is available in different shades.

  • No other part of the face offers such wide scope for creative makeup ideas and techniques as the eyes. Anything goes from clear contours to a smoky blur, from subtle to spectacular, from natural to seductive.

    The eye shadows of our color cosmetics range glide on smoothly, blend well, do not collect in the crease of the lid and are iridescent shades with waterproof and cooling varities available on request. Our eye shadow pencils can be used both for lines and for larger areas.

  • Wish to have long eyelashes, perfect cat eyes for any occasion , Please select our longain mascara. The secret's in our unique multitasking formular, designed to coat every last lash. First, use the flat side for initial root-to-tip application, then build full and fabulous lashes with the bristle side for maximum volume. Use the specially crafted brush tip to define bottom lashes and hard-to-reach inner corners.

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